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Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy applies to commercial customers (advertisers). Private users of the website are subject to the General Privacy Policy.

Collecting and processing data
Advertising and advertising management requires the creation of a Business Account. For this purpose, only data is collected that is necessary to use this service. In particular, these are contact details. The data is stored together with the IP address of the computer used during the registration. For security reasons, the IP address is also saved during a login and by conducting administrative and booking activities. This based on security reasons. Collected data will not be disclosed to third parties except for tax and accounting purposes or legal obligations. The data is stored as long as required by law.

Third party data collection
For the payment of services, the user is directed to payment pages of third-party providers, who take over the payment processing and collect the necessary data within the scope of the data protection law.

Data security
The data provided to us are secured by taking all technical and organizational security measures so that they are inaccessible to unauthorized third party access. By using data encryption (SSL), it is ensured that no data can be changed or recorded during the Internet connection from the client to the server.

Occasionally we send a newsletter to our commercial customers with information related to Massage123, such as new features, offers or promotions. You can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link in each newsletter.

An account can be blocked if desired, so that processing is no longer possible. It can be deleted if either no transactions have been made or the legal retention period has expired. You may also request to get all data collected by us. Corresponding requests can be made by contact form or email. Changes to the contact details can be made online at any time. In case of a dispute it is possible to contact the local data protection authorities.

Third-party applications
To get visitor statistics, the service "Google Analytics" is used, which gives the operator anonymous information about visitors and their geographical origin. The terms of "Google Analytics" apply. To display fonts the "Google Fonts" service is used, subject to the terms of "Google Fonts".

Cookies are used to save the session data after a login. Cookies are not shared with third parties or made available to third parties.